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About Christophe Lachnitt

My career revolves around three time spans, three companies and three passions.

I benefit from 26 years of communications experience, including 19 years as head of communications and 13 years as a member of executive committees of multibillion-dollar businesses.

With Bill Gates – my wife’s favorite picture – (CC) Microsoft

I held a succession of senior communications jobs at Alcatel, DCNS and Microsoft where I acquired a comprehensive experience both in terms of communications issues (branding, media relations, internal communications, crisis management, digital transformation, marketing…) and business environments (B2B and B2C, growing and declining markets, public and private companies representing very different corporate cultures).

My added value is the result of three passions:

  1. Change: The design and implementation of change strategies – i.e. perception changes to foster revenue growth and operational changes to increase profitability growth. Case in point at DCNS where my team and I developed meaningful communications (vision, strategy, values) to mobilize the company’s stakeholders. Furthermore, we generated a 32% compound annual growth of the communications performance and a 16% growth of its ROI.
  2. International: The management of international activities and teams. My multi-continental team and I changed Alcatel’s image in information highways from a niche player to the global market leader and managed the crisis communication resulting from the dot-com bubble burst.
  3. Digital: The deployment of digital transformation, such as the doubling of the share of digital in Microsoft France’s marketing mix.

Today, I provide consulting to small and large companies in the fields of digital strategy, brand development, and change management. My customers range from 2-person businesses to companies of 150,000 employees.

I have published four books:

In case you are still reading, I have also taught, or continue to teach, at three of France’s most prestigious graduate schools: The Ecole Nationale d’Administration (crisis communications), HEC Paris (branding in the digital age), and Sciences Po Paris (motivation and internal communications in the new workplace).

Last but not least, I have recounted in a TEDx Talk how surviving four near-death experiences has given me a sense of perpetual optimism.

Climbing in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc – my orthopedist’s favorite picture – (CC) Marie Lachnitt

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