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In addition to generative artificial intelligence, I can give keynotes or lectures on four main topics.

1. Risk-taking

Why: In management as in mountaineering, the ability to take risks is decisive for success.

What: Based on the adventures of extreme mountaineers and my own experience, I lay out risk management solutions that can be applied in business organizations.

How: I combine a dual experience as an amateur mountaineer and a professional manager. On the one hand, I almost died in a mountaineering accident and wrote a book about this experience. On the other hand, I was a member of executive committees of multibillion-dollar businesses for thirteen years.

Rock-climbing in Chamonix – (CC) Marie Lachnitt

2. Optimism and Resilience

Why: The emergence of new countries on the international economic stage and the digital revolution are making the competition faced by businesses ever more intense. Those developments are putting a strain on the ability of their employees to rise above the challenges they face.

What: I relate my four encounters with death and explain how this unlikely flirtation provides me with an endless source of optimism.

How: I gave a TEDx talk on my near-death experiences and the lessons I learned from them.

Speaking at a TEDx event – (CC) TEDx

3. Meaningful Management

Why: The disintermediation produced by the widespread use of digital technologies is disrupting relations between managers and employees.

What: I speak about leadership, the role of purpose in sustainable motivation, and the influence of generation Z on business.

How: I have published a book on the relevance of management in the era of Twitter, Snapchat and generation Z.

Customized conferences

I can also create custom presentations to best fit your strategic context and audience, as evidenced by the latest custom lectures I have given at the request of customers:

  • Communicating in times of crisis
  • Metaverse and web3: What changes for communications and marketing?
  • Motivation and internal communications in the digital age… and through the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The make-or-buy conundrum for communications activities
  • Social media and business
  • From purpose to strategy
  • The development of an internal marketing agency
  • Communications departments navigating the digital revolution
  • Optimism and resilience
  • B2B2C customer and employee experience in the digital age
  • Brands and digital: The end of innocence
  • Digital communications: Pleonasm or oxymoron?
  • The role of the manager in motivating employees
  • Branding in the digital age
  • The impact of the digital revolution in marketing and communications
  • Blogging and personal branding
  • Brands as content creators
  • Information overload and information poverty
  • Microsoft’s culture
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