Truth Is Just Perception

A Test To Evaluate Your Emotional Profile At Work

Are you really who you think you are?

This test is the Workplace Emotion Evaluation Profile© (WEEP) developed by Anne Kreamer, a specialist in emotions, when she was writing her book “It’s Always Personal.

After testing hundreds of Americans, Anne Kreamer defined four emotional types:

  • “Acceptors” (39% of people who have taken the test since its creation): They are focused on details and do not express their feelings.
  • “Believers” (27% of people): They express their feelings less than “spouters” but have a soothing effect on stressed colleagues.
  • “Spouters” (21% of people): They express their feelings a lot and are very in tune with human dynamics at work.
  • “Solvers” (13% of people): They work very well under pressure and help their colleagues when they become emotional.

(CC) Anne Kreamer

Have fun taking the test here.

It will definitely help you understand how you operate in the work environment.

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