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Book Review: “The Art Of Being Unreasonable: Lessons In Unconventional Thinking” By Eli Broad (2012, 192 Pages)

An unconventional accomplishment: A great book by a retired CEO.

Eli Broad was the first person to build two Fortune 500 companies from the ground up in two different industries. Then he used the $6 billion he earned in business to help launch Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art, raise the money to build L.A.’s acclaimed Walt Disney Concert Hall, work to transform K–12 urban school districts across America, fund critical biomedical research, and revive downtown L.A.

His book dispenses very interesting business and management secrets to success.

This is one of the very best business biographies I have ever read (and I read a lot of these).

It is fast-paced, combines real-life anecdotes with unreasonable principles, and covers his business as well as philanthropic achievements. A must-read!


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