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Dog-Friendly Corporations vs. Dog Houses

In defense of companies that don’t live in a dog-eat-dog world.

The San Jose Mercury News reminds us that next Friday is “Take Your Dog to Work Day” in the U.S.

Many companies, especially in the high-tech sector, already welcome quadrupeds in their offices. The high-tech industry leads the pack in this domain because it is the most competitive market for talent. Companies therefore seize every opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competitors in order to attract the best recruits. The possibility of bringing a dog to work is a valuable asset in this regard.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that social online gaming company Zynga (named after its CEO’s now-deceased dog) has a “barking lot”outside its main lobby. Amazon, meanwhile, “offers dog biscuits at the receptionist’s desk and dog-friendly water fountains around its campus.”

Who wouldn’t want our dog Frisco in their office? ☺ – (CC) Christophe Lachnitt

More globally, 2.3 million American dogs go to work every day with their owners. Obviously, they must be well educated in order to behave appropriately in a work environment.

Bringing their dog to work has several advantages: Dog owners are more productive – because they are more relaxed – when their four-legged friends accompany them to the office. In tensed situations, the presence of their dog helps employees overcome their stress. Often, doggies can also foster a great connection between employees. For all these reasons, the entire workforce of a company directly or indirectly benefits from working with dogs in the office.

At the end of the day, when you work with your dog, it’s easier to work like a dog. 🙂

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