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Should French Players Be Tweeting During The Soccer’s World Cup?

A matter of responsibility.

The players of the French team received no instruction on the subject from their coach, Didier Deschamps. He lets them manage their communications on social networks, which may seem logical. Indeed, French players are seasoned professionals who are supposed to be able to manage their personal communications whether they play for the French team or for their respective clubs.

(CC) Lebron James, Twitter

(CC) Lebron James, Twitter

Didier Deschamps is thus giving more responsibility to his players. I hope that they will use it to adopt the approach taken by NBA star Lebron James. While he probably is the most active American sports star on the social web, he gets in “playoffs mode” (see above) and remains silent on the Internet during two months.

If I were a communications adviser to the players of the French team, I would recommend them to announce that they get in “World Cup mode” and not tweet until the end of the competition.

This would communicate an aura of responsibility that the French team direly needs in order to overcome the memory of its strike during the previous World Cup held in South Africa in 2010.

Silence is sometimes the best communication.

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