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Book Review: “Alive At Work: The Neuroscience Of Helping Your People Love What They Do” By Daniel M. Cable (2018, 224 Pages)

This book will help you become a better manager.

Daniel M. Cable is a professor of organizational behavior at London Business School.

In “Alive At Work,” he explores the part of our brain called the seeking system: “Our seeking systems create the natural impulse to explore our worlds, learn about our environments, and extract meaning from our circumstances. When we follow the urges of our seeking system, it releases dopamine—a neurotransmitter linked to motivation and pleasure—that makes us want to explore more.”

Daniel M. Cable shows how it is possible to activate employees’ seeking systems by encouraging them to play to their strengths, experiment, and feel a sense of purpose.


This book explains complex concepts in simple terms and provides concrete examples of how to apply said concepts in real life. In particular, it provides very useful information to practice intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation.

Indeed, the seeking system generates enthusiasm and an intrinsic motivation to understand and explore, rather than an extrinsic motivation to simply follow existing approaches.


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