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Superception Podcast Ep. 72 – Chris Smith, Contributing Editor At Vanity Fair

Conversation on New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s scandals with Chris Smith, contributing editor at Vanity Fair.

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Chris Smith discusses Andrew Cuomo’s life and achievements, Preet Bharara’s investigation of Joe Percoco, the sexual harassment accusations against Andrew Cuomo, the politically-driven undercounting by his administration of Covid-19 deaths among New York State’s nursing home residents, the publication of a memoir about the Covid-19 crisis for which Andrew Cuomo was paid 5 million dollars, the preferential treatment that his family received in getting Covid-19 tests at the height of the crisis, the political advice secretly given by CNN anchorman Chris Cuomo to his brother, the landscape of politics in Albany, and the forthcoming mayoral and gubernatorial elections.

This episode was recorded on an online platform on June 1st, 2021.

Chris Smith – (CC) Chris Smith

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