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How Can Employers Do Good While Doing Well?

Sustainable development is the answer.

The Harvard Business Review’s blog recently published an article exploring the motivations of employees around the world. A study has been conducted on this subject by investment firm Bain & Company with 750 people in Brazil, China, Germany, India, the UK, and the U.S.

Two thirds of participants said that sustainable development was more important to them than three years ago. People aged 36-40 years are most sensitive to this issue. When asked what entities should take the lead in promoting sustainable development, the majority of participants mentioned corporations rather than consumers, employees, or even governments!

In the developed world, a still – but growing – limited number of people feel that companies’ sustainable development programs are a major factor in their choosing a job and are willing to make salary sacrifices in order to join a company that is more sensitive to this issue.

(CC) Bain & Company, Harvard Business Review

(CC) Bain & Company, Harvard Business Review

Participants in this study want more and more to play a role in their employer’s sustainable development programs. In addition, as shown in the graph reproduced above, they are now more concerned about the sustainable development impact of their employer’s business as well as their philanthropic efforts.

This study shows the increasing role of sustainable development in employees’ search for meaning. The more volatile the world is, the more meaning people need. Sustainable development is therefore an opportunity for companies to attract and retain talent – and thereby increase their competitiveness – while making a positive contribution to their communities.

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