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Book Review: “Only The Paranoid Survive: How To Exploit The Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company” By Andrew S. Grove (1996, 224 Pages)

A management masterpiece.

Andy Grove was the CEO of Intel from 1987 to 1998. During his tenure, he transformed Intel from a declining manufacturer of memory chips into the world’s leading producer of microprocessors.

He recounts this accomplishment in “Only The Paranoid Survive.

Andrew S. Grove

This book is a thrilling and extremely insightful management masterpiece.

Grove explains how to deal with strategic inflection points, i.e. forces that are “10X” larger than what a company and its leaders are accustomed to. The book is a great case study on disruption. It is all the more useful since Grove doesn’t back down from being honest about his own failures.

Together with “From Worst To First: Behind The Scenes Of Continental’s Remarkable Comeback” by former Continental CEO Gordon Bethune, “Only The Paranoid Survive” is the best CEO book that I have read.


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