Truth Is Just Perception

My Life’s Philosophy

It is captured in one sentence.

I never lose, I either win or I learn.” This aphorism has always inspired me.

Life, to me, is an endless learning experience and hence is a limitless challenge to self-certainty. Each person is a being in perpetual development and can never, with very few exceptions, realize their full potential.

When one stops wanting to learn, wanting to grow, wanting to discover other people and other lands, wanting to discover themselves too, wanting to always challenge themselves, they stop wanting to live.

The quest to fulfill one’s own destiny is more vital than the rest of the body and mind.

(CC) eijunkie

(CC) eijunkie

Of course, setbacks that are too unfair and/or traumatizing don’t teach us anything. But, generally, we learn more from failure than success. And a failure from which we learn a valuable lesson can be a positive experience.

As Stoicism teaches, “freedom happens when we discern what depends on us and what doesn’t.” In this regard, every individual is free to think positively and to approach life as the most exciting learning journey of all.

Obviously, it is easier to write this for someone as privileged and fortunate as me.

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