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Divisiveness Is Not The Enemy Of The Marketer

Nobody engages with a broccoli.

Found on Twitter, this quote from Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems: “Much better when half the market loves you and half hates you, versus nobody caring about you at all.

Scott McNealy - (CC) Eddie Awad

Scott McNealy – (CC) Eddie Awad

To engage with its audiences, a brand must first stand out of the deafening noise that characterizes our era of information overload. It then needs to inspire audiences to engage with it – by buying its products or services, promoting them on the social web or through word-of-mouth…

To do this, a brand must create interest among its audiences. To be interesting, one has to be at least a bit different from the rest of the pack. As evidenced by politics (even if reaching a majority of voters creates a specific issue), divisiveness is not the enemy of engagement and, therefore, the enemy of the marketer.

Nobody engages with a broccoli.

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