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Book Review: “You Are The Message: Secrets Of The Master Communicators” By Roger Ailes With Jon Kraushar (1987, 240 Pages)

An old but still valuable book.

Roger Ailes is President of Fox News Channel. He was a media consultant when he wrote this book. He has worked for Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush. “You Are The Message“, however, is non-political.

In this book, he posits, contrary to what Marshall McLuhan explained, that

Each person is his own message, whatever medium he chooses.

Indeed, as I often point out on Superception, when you communicate with someone, it is not just the words you choose to send to the other person that make up the message. You are also sending signals about what kind of person you are. These signals significantly influence the receiving person’s perception of your message.

You Are The Message

This book is very interesting for its insights and, maybe even more, for its numerous real-life anecdotes. The writing style is light but the teaching is often compelling.


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