Truth Is Just Perception

The Best Way To Make Mistakes…

… is to act.

Action rather than inaction should be the reason of our failures.

Children are those who make the most errors; this is what allows them to learn. They don’t make mistakes by being inactive but by exploring, imagining, trying, inventing, and getting out of their comfort zone.

It is by acting and making mistakes that we learn and, most importantly, that we create. Indeed, the most original innovations are often first perceived as bad ideas. Otherwise, they would generally already be applied. But all original ideas are not brilliant. That’s why trial and error are essential aspects of innovation.

(CC) Jeff P

(CC) Jeff P

Hence, it is more important to make new mistakes rather than avoid making any, to act rather than be passive. Fear of mistakes and inaction are the surest ways to not progress.

As James Joyce wrote,

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.

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