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Television vs. Mobile Applications: Same Usage Concentration?

Paradoxically, perhaps, the endless fragmentation of the media industry leads to an increasing usage concentration.

A comScore study reveals that, on average, American smartphone owners spend 45% of their time in their favorite application, 18% in their second favorite application and 10% in their third. The larger the number of applications that are available on App Stores, the fewer the number of applications that smartphone owners use.

The same dynamic is at work in the television industry.

In this case, viewing habits are not only influenced by the number of accessible channels (aka applications) but also by the multiplication and diversification of other media offerings.

(CC) Nielsen

(CC) Nielsen

The latest Nielsen study shows that, on average, American viewers watch less than 10% of the television channels they receive (see the graph reproduced above). This proportion is declining even though American households have access to an unprecedented number of channels (205.9 on average).

According to Nielsen, the decreasing number of viewed channels is due to the development of digital media practices: While Americans watch an average of 19.8 television channels per month, they visit 55 websites and use 28 mobile applications.

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