Truth Is Just Perception

Communication Has Nothing To Do With The Facts…

… and it is, paradoxically, what makes it so interesting.

Found on Twitter, this quote from communication expert Sharon Anthony Bower: “People can refute your facts, but never your feelings.

It is an assertion that is fully consistent with the concept of “superception” that I promote on this blog. In my eyes, only the emotions we feel about the facts and the meaning we give to reality can incite us to act. Therefore, perception has super powers. Perception is superception.

(CC) Sam Grover

This is also what gives communication its originality and attractiveness: Communication is not a science; it is the art of emotions. Of course, communication is increasingly achieved via computers but it is never achieved between computers. Communication relies on the infinite power and fragility of human beings.

A communication that is only defined by technology is insensitive to its main engine: Emotion.

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