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Puppies Are Good For Efficiency…

… especially in marketing.

A study from the University of Hiroshima reported by NBC’s website has shown that people are more efficient after viewing pictures of puppies or kittens. They even perform better than those who have seen pictures of adult animals.

Our dog Frisco when he was two months old – (CC) Christophe Lachnitt

In an earlier study on the same topic conducted at Harvard University, researchers explained that viewing cute images improves our efficiency for tasks that require carefulness. They speculate that the vulnerability of young animals leads us to be more attentive in the tasks we do after looking at their pictures. Tests conducted in Hiroshima confirm that people who view cute images perform better at detail-oriented tasks.

In the fields of marketing where the devil is in the details (for example, a typo can ruin the credibility of the most impactful message), managers should not hesitate to display posters of puppies in their office and to propose their teams to do the same.

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