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Book Review: “Bobby Kennedy: The Making Of A Liberal Icon” By Larry Tye (2016, 608 Pages)

Shedding light on an icon.

Larry Tye is in an American journalist and non-fiction author.

Bobby Kennedy: The Making Of A Liberal Icon” is the latest major RFK biography.

Bobby Kennedy is my icon. I have read almost all that has been published about him. There is no other individual that I have never met that I love so much. So, with every new book that I read, I wonder if I will learn new stories or insight about him.


Even if one can sometimes have the impression that Larry Tye makes his narrative fit his storyline – Bobby’s transition from Cold-War combatant to liberal and ruthless to compassionate -, this book is a great read.

It is informative – Tye had a unique access to Ethel Kennedy, Bobby’s widow -, balanced – no hagiography here -, and entertaining. It offers a comprehensive overview of Bobby’s life and exceptional impact on American policy.


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