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Corporate Values: The Best Remedy Against Micromanagement

Showing the way to employees rather than dragging them along the way.

Managers can lead in one of two ways:

  • Micromanaging every aspect of the business, which reflects a lack of confidence in their teams’ and/or their own abilities.
  • Educating their teams so that they apply key principles and methodologies that will enable them to succeed without the ongoing and castrating intervention of the leader.

Promoting corporate values is the best way for a CEO to smartly influence the behavior of their employees without being tempted to do their work for them.


Incidentally, the larger the number of employees, the more chimerical the temptation. In large companies, micromanagement only works by halting all initiatives, every significant decision being taken at the top.

In contrast, corporate values provide a framework for action and enable employees to answer by themselves the questions they face every day: What decision should I make? What actions should I take to be consistent with the ideals and day-to-day approach of my company?

Obviously, it is much more difficult to define a few corporate values and teach them to all employees in order to give them greater autonomy than watching their every move.

But it is also the most successful management philosophy: Autonomous – and therefore motivated – employees are always more productive and creative.

This is why corporate values are crating financial value.

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