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THE Secret To Identify A Good Communicator

Again a matter of consistency.

I have always believed that message consistency over time is paramount to a successful communications strategy. There is another form of consistency that is also essential to ensure the persuasion of target audiences: Consistency of message hierarchy.

American author and journalist James Fallows one day gave this advice to apprentice writers: “Make the important interesting.” It is the same for communications: One should not make spectacular things interesting but important things.

(CC) Patrick Denker

(CC) Patrick Denker

Making spectacular things interesting doesn’t require much talent and doesn’t make a difference since these things attract attention anyway. On the contrary, important messages are often complex to communicate. That’s why making them interesting is the hallmark of the best communicators.

Incidentally, this issue provides a good question to ask communications candidates in job interviews: When and how did you manage to make an important, unattractive message interesting for your target audiences?

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