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The Secret To A Successful Brainstorming Session

It is implemented by Silicon Valley’s most innovative design firm.

I am referring to IDEO whose CEO, Tom Kelley, detailed the creative process in his book The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO, America’s Leading Design Firm (read my review here).

Le Siège d’IDEO à Palo Alto - (CC) Christophe Lachnitt

IDEO’s headquarters in Palo Alto – (CC) Christophe Lachnitt

Kelley explains that, to conduct a productive brainstorming session, participants must first clear their minds from their operational duties.

To do this, one of the techniques used by IDEO teams that we can all copy is to play a short game*, which helps participants temporarily blot out worries and create a group dynamic.

* Any game will work as long as it engages all participants of the brainstorming session.

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