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Introducing The Superception Podcast

Superception is a native, audio podcast, available on Deezer, iTunes, Overcast, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Stitcher. Most episodes are in French, some in English.

The Superception Podcast provides a complementary outlet to the eponymous blog:

  • The blog covers trends and strategies in communications, management, and marketing.
  • The podcast features conversations with prominent figures from these fields.


The Superception Podcast

Unlike the audiences of television and radio shows, the listeners of a podcast episode are actively interested in the topic it addresses. This is why the Superception Podcast is carried out in a knowledge transmission perspective: Guests share what they don’t have the opportunity to communicate in a media universe governed by the constraints of immediacy and audience maximization.

Each episode of the Superception Podcast features a conversation with a guest who shares the lessons of their career experience and their vision of their profession. These are informal conversations devoted to the exchange of ideas and not interviews meant to uncover scoops.


Christophe Lachnitt

The Superception blog and podcast are authored by Christophe Lachnitt in parallel to his professional career in communications and marketing. They cover perception issues in the fields of communications, management, and marketing. To date, Christophe has posted more than 3,000 articles in French and English on Superception. The blog is read in 170 countries.

Christophe Lachnitt with Bill Gates – (CC) Microsoft

Christophe has also published four books (only available in French):

Christophe has also taught, or continues to teach, at three of France’s most prestigious graduate schools: The Ecole Nationale d’Administration (crisis communications), HEC Paris (branding in the digital age), and Sciences Po Paris (motivation and internal communications in the new workplace).

Last but not least, Christophe Lachnitt has given a TEDx talk in which he recounts how his four encounters with death changed his outlook on life.

Christophe Lachnitt in podcast action – (CC) Luke Cole – eatbigfish photographer


Past Episodes

  • Ep. 82 – Dominick Quartuccio, Coach, Founder Of The Great Man Within Community And Author Of “On Purpose Leadership“
    • Topic: Purpose-driven leadership
  • Ep. 75 – Ramin, Developer Of The Best Tesla App For iPhone
    • Topic: The business of mobile apps
  • Ep. 72 – Chris Smith, Contributing Editor At Vanity Fair
    • Topic: New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s scandals
  • Ep. 61 – Mimi Nicklin, Author And Empathetic Influencer
    • Topic: Empathetic leadership in times of Covid-19
  • Ep. 59 – Ryan Serhant, Star Of “Million Dollar Listing” And Author Of “Sell It Like Serhant”
    • Topic: The meaning of ambition
  • Ep. 57 – Chris Smith, Contributing Writer For Vanity Fair And Author Of “The Daily Show: An Oral History As Told By Jon Stewart, The Correspondents, Staff And Guests”
    • Topic: The fusion of politics and pop culture
  • Ep. 51 – Bob Feldman, Vice Chair Of ICF Next
    • Topic: The transformation of communications functions
  • Ep. 47 – Minter Dial, Author Of “Heartificial Empathy: Putting Heart Into Business And Artificial Intelligence”
    • Topic: Artificial intelligence empathy
  • Ep. 38 – Andy Merrill, Partner At Prosek Partners
    • Topic: Financial communications
  • Ep. 37 – Matt Wolf, Emmy Award Winner, And eSports Pioneer And Angel Investor
    • Topic: eSports
  • Ep. 36 – Steven Goldberg, Managing Director And Co-head Of Sard Verbinnen’s Los Angeles Office
    • Topic: Corporate communications on legal issues
  • Ep. 35 – Lou D’Angeli, Vice President Marketing And Public Relations Of Cirque Du Soleil’s Resident Shows
    • Topic: Marketing and ticketing strategies in the live entertainment industry
  • Ep. 26 – Adam Morgan, Inventor Of The Challenger Brand Concept, And Founder And Partner Of Eatbigfish
    • Topic: Challenger brands
  • Ep. 13 – David Leonhardt, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Op-ed Columnist At The New York Times
    • Topic: The future of journalism
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