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Revamped Superception Website: Progress Is Making New Mistakes

The new version of Superception is online.

It includes several enhancements:

  • the creation of a full website dedicated to Superception’s English content;
  • a complete redesign in a more minimalist approach than the previous version;
  • dynamic menus and a responsive design in order to optimize the browsing and reading experience on all devices, from desktops to smartphones – the site is specifically designed for smartphones.
Help me improve Superception by sharing your comments on this new version - (CC) vinkulelu

Help me improve Superception by sharing your comments on this new version – (CC) vinkulelu

These enhancements are designed to help you better access, read, and share Superception’s content. Design is important but it is entirely at the service of content.

I hope that this new version is a step in the right direction. In my opinion, perfection doesn’t exist. Progress is making new mistakes.

That is why I thank you in advance for giving me your feedback and pointing out the mistakes I made ​to help me improve.

Happy browsing.

2 thoughts on “Revamped Superception Website: Progress Is Making New Mistakes”

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Bravo Christophe!!
Le dernier site était déjà très attractif tant au niveau du design que du contenu, mais ce nouveau site donne encore plus envie d’aller plus souvent sur “Superception”!

Pour le moment, il n’y a rien à ajouter de plus, je trouve cela parfait, même si la perfection n’existe pas!

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