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Best 2021 Content

Today I am taking a look back at your favorite Superception content pieces of 2021.

Here are your five favorite articles (measured by how many visits each received):

  1. Larry King, That Rare Interviewer Who Wouldn’t Answer The Questions He Asked. With him, it was all about curiosity.
  2. Book Review: “The King Of Content: Sumner Redstone’s Battle For Viacom, CBS, And Everlasting Control Of His Media Empire” By Keach Hagey. A unique story uniquely told.
  3. Your Audience’s Imagination Is As Important As Your Brand Creativity. Self-persuasion is the most powerful form of rhetoric.
  4. Creative Destruction Doesn’t Work For Corporate Culture. It’s a huge mistake to try to change a Company’s culture by destroying its previous one.
  5. Head Of Communications Or Head Of Manipulation? The successful implementation of a company’s decisions depends far more on the mobilization of its stakeholders than the actions of its executives.

In 2021, Superception was read in 180 countries (#1 France; #2 U.S.; #3 UK). Many thanks to everyone! – (CC) ivosar

The two most popular episodes of the Superception Podcast in 2021 were:

  1. Ep. 75 – Ramin, developer of the best Tesla app for iPhone – Conversation on the business of mobile apps with Ramin.
  2. Ep. 72 – Chris Smith, contributing editor at Vanity Fair – Conversation on New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s scandals.

The review of Superception’s 2021 French content pieces is accessible here.

After another year of Superception activity, I take this opportunity to thank all those who follow my reflexive wanderings.

Happy New Year to you all!

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