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2013 In Review

Today I am taking a look back at your favorite Superception articles of 2013 – measured by how many visits each received – and mine.

In 2013, I wrote 65 articles in English on Superception.

Here are your 5 favorite articles:

  1. I Am Opposed to The Devaluation of Their Role Advocated by Some Journalists (May 12).
  2. A Journalist Is First Defined by Their Ethics (July 7).
  3. Why Internet Anonymity Threatens Freedom of Speech (August 25).
  4. Nike Spoils Tiger Woods’ Comeback to The Top (March 31).
  5. Corporate Values: The Best Remedy Against Micromanagement (April 7).
Happy new year to you all! - (CC) christianyves

Happy new year to you all! – (CC) christianyves

And mine:

  1. A Journalist Is First Defined by Their Ethics (July 7).
  2. We All Are Disabled (August 4).
  3. Can News Still Be Boring? (May 5)
  4. Are You Addicted to Managing Emergencies? (April 28).
  5. Every Day Is A Life (October 27).

For the review of Superception’s French articles, please see here.

After another year of Superception activity, I take this opportunity to thank all those who follow my reflexive wanderings.

Have a safe new year’s eve and happy New Year to you all!

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