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Best 2017 Articles

Today I am taking a look back at your favorite Superception articles of 2017 and mine.

Here are your five favorite articles (measured by how many visits each received):

  1. The Best Communicators Have The Longer View. Contrary to conventional wisdom, creativity is not always the key skill in communications.
  2. Becoming A Manager Is A Career Change, Not A Promotion. The qualities based upon which someone is promoted to manager are not the ones that will help them succeed in that role.
  3. The Digital Revolution Forces B2B Companies To Adopt B2C Brand Strategies. While it is often neglected by B2B corporations, branding is the main asset of B2C companies.
  4. The Digital Revolution Is Mutating Into The Terror. Its main innovations impair the ability of individuals and organizations to communicate.
  5. The Creation Of Experiences Is The Equivalent Of Storytelling For Events. The intrinsic advantages of digital media are said to make it the ultimate communications vehicle. Many believe that offline activities, including events, are on the verge of becoming commodities and that digital strategies are universally taking over.

In 2017, Superception was read in 159 countries. Many thanks to everyone! – (CC) ivosar

And mine (by chronological order):

The review of Superception’s 2017 French articles is accessible here.

After another year of Superception activity, I take this opportunity to thank all those who follow my reflexive wanderings.

Happy New Year to you all!

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